Financial crisis
  The financial markets are now undergoing turbulent times From a minor difficulty in the U.S housing sector, economic instability has recently spread throughout the broader market, hitting global economies. Sentiment across the board has plummeted dramatically, as investors flee risky stock assets seeking other alternatives of investment. 
  Many investors have found safe-haven in the Forex market. Unlike other financial assets, the Forex market allows investors to benefit from all market directions.
Whether a currency is going up or down, the Forex market presents endless trends and trading opportunities.
As currencies always trade in pairs; when one weakens the other strengthens.
While stocks have been crashing investors have fled to the Dollar causing it to rally, while causing its counterparts, such as the Euro, to drop in value
  Volatility in the markets can often present excellent trading
Since the start of the current economic crisis volatility has
increased by magnitude levels on all the financial markets.
Despite what most people think, traders on the Forex market can benefit from the
sharp movements by trading quick swing trades.
The sharper the movement, the more Forex traders stand to profit
  Trade with the correct tools to minimize your risk. Stop loss orders allows Forex traders to pre-determine the amount they are willing to risk on each trade, while allowing their profits to rise. By using the eToro unique trading system, one that has been custom built to accommodate risk/reward portfolio management, the trader can fully control his positions even during volatile hours.
For example, on a $100 investment a trader can control his/her positions, by risking a pre-determined amount.
This allows traders protect their account from sharp unpredictable market movements, while allowing them to take advantage of the market’s volatility.
  Despite the excellent advantages allowing traders to monitor and control their trading portfolio, new traders are often hesitant to start trading Forex because they perceive it as a complicated thing.
Due to eToro’s
revolutionized trading platform, new traders can easily adjust to the world of currency trading.
With a simple and visual interface, eToro is designed to welcome novices allowing them to master currency trading in no time at all.
  eToro’s educational guides, tutorials and forums, provides all type of
traders with the knowledge they require to conquer the Forex world.
eToro traders also have full access to trader chats, insight tools and up-to-date
market news.
New traders can also practice their trading strategies on a live practice account
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Trading in the Foreign Exchange market might carry potential rewards, but also potential risks.
You must be aware of the risks and are willing to accept them in order to trade in the foreign exchange market. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.
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