The Importance of Forex Community. Any forex trader, and novices in particular, can often feel like they are alone, like they’re alienated from the market and their intuition is out of sync with market movement.
That’s where a good supportive forex community comes in.
Because the market is influenced by forex traders themselves it’s very important to keep your ear to the ground and to feel out the general sentiments of the forex community.
Chances are that if you pay enough attention to what traders around you are saying, you’ll instinctively know what position to open next.
Plus, it never hurts to make some connections in your field, who can always give you helpful tips and advice.
  Forex Chats. Chatting is always the best way to get to know your fellow forex traders and to get a sense of the overall investor sentiment.
It’s also a great way to pass the time while you’re monitoring your positions.
You can always learn something new from fellow forex traders and use others’ experience to your advantage.
You can chat to forex traders in private chats or join a public chat room where you can just sit back and read all about the hot topics of the day among the forex crowd.
  Forex Forums. Forex forums are the places where traders of all sorts and kinds come to express their opinions on the current state of the market, on the best forex strategies and on upcoming events in forex.
A lot of the times these forums are moderated by experts who can teach anybody a thing or two about forex.
In addition,  you can always post your own questions about forex to get the opinions of the experts and your fellow traders too.
  Our recommendation.There’s really one place to go if you want to be a part of a lively and welcoming forex community and that’s eToro.
This platform offers public and private chats, a chance to customize your own personal profile and free access to the eToro forums and blog where you can join in on some pretty fascinating conversations about forex.
Best of all, eToro also encourages the community to improve by holding free to enter trading challenges.
And to help you win the challenges eToro brings you the revolutionary Top Traders Insight tool.
This tool shows you the trades made by eToro’s top 100 profiting traders.
So instead of racking your brain over forex charts, you can simply copy from the pros.
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Trading in the Foreign Exchange market might carry potential rewards, but also potential risks.
You must be aware of the risks and are willing to accept them in order to trade in the foreign exchange market. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.
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